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  • A greeting from Israel # GC4I2018

A greeting from Israel # GC4I2018

We have been in Jerusalem for the conference where the briefing of the hate network against Israel was presented publicly for the first time at the opening dinner on Tuesday.

MIFF Denmark is looking for an Internet journalist

MIFF Denmark wants to expand the editorial staff as soon as we find the right one. Feel free to share with anyone who might be interested.

Israel hosts first forum on cyber threats and anti-terrorism

Defense ministers from 17 countries are to attend a conference in Jerusalem on inciting terrorism, cyber threats and anti-terrorism. The Israeli police want to share knowledge and learn from others,…

It was not an economic crisis that created terrorism from the Gaza Strip

The Gaza Strip is poor because of terrorism, writes Professor Efraim Karsh.

A hot week – not much here you can read in mainstream Danish media

Short, thought-provoking articles from Cyril Malka with the following headlines: - Argentina / friendly match - Razan Najjar (the 21-year-old woman who may have been a nurse, maybe only a…

Fire terror against Israel – How much do you know?

You have probably experienced, but hardly in the Danish media, that especially since the beginning of April, terror has been carried out from Gaza against Israel, not only with "real"…