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  • Iran’s plans to take over Gaza

Iran’s plans to take over Gaza

Even if Hamas were to wake up early tomorrow and make a U-turn that led to the conclusion of a genuine ceasefire agreement with Israel, there will always be other…

No money for hate? – Denmark’s new criteria for support to Israeli and Palestinian civil society organizations (Document)

On 5 October 2018, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen briefed the Foreign Affairs Committee on new conditions for Danish support for Israeli and Palestinian civil society organizations. MIFF-Denmark…

The good, the bad and the cruel

A collection of current news in Danish - News from Israel (32)

The eerie price of the “Oslo war”

Why the conclusion of the Oslo Accords in 1993 was perhaps the "biggest strategic blunder in Israel's history".

News from Israel (31) – Collection of articles from Uffe Nissen

A collection of current news in Danish _ News from Israel (31)

Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Nadia Murad, believes that the Yezidis can learn from Israel

Was on a five day long visit to Israel last year. Among other things, she had meetings with Israeli Knesset representatives and the President of Tel Aviv University.

“A fourth Gaza war is only one step away”

Over the past few weeks, Palestinian riots along the Gaza-Israel border have escalated dramatically. A fourth Gaza war is approaching, Analysis by Anna Ahronheim in the Jerusalem Post.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in Denmark – Stay tuned!

Among other things. you can follow the celebration (in the Synagogue) of 75 years one for the rescue of Jews in Denmark tomorrow, Thursday 11 October, both on DR2 and…

Why must Israel stop Iran in Syria and Lebanon?

Iran's leaders feel a "sacred obligation" to destroy the state of Israel - important analysis of Yaacov Amidror, reproduced by MIFF.

Palestinian refugees: Trump’s reality check

President Trump has ... sent a clear message to the Palestinian leaders that they will no longer be allowed to use US money to perpetuate a refugee crisis that could…