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Month: December 2018

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The 10 most read articles in 2018

Have you missed any of the 10 most read articles on miff.dk April-December 2018?

Four million visited Israel in 2018

On Sunday, tourist number four million landed at Ben Gurion Airport.

Now the attack tunnels from southern Lebanon to northern Israel are flooded and sealed from within

The flood also reveals the tunnel entrances on the Lebanese side of the border.

The joyful, the life-affirming, the historical, – and the malicious

A collection of (almost) completely current news in Danish - News from Israel (42).

The IDF destroys the fifth offensive tunnel from Lebanon to Israel

"The IDF sees the Lebanese government as responsible for the digging of the tunnels and for the consequences of its action," the IDF said.

Another large-scale Israeli raid on Syria

There is a major Israeli attack in the area to date. The targets are presumably Iranian and Hezbollah military installations such as weapons depots. The IDF has also sent reinforcements…

The coalition is collapsing. The Knesset (Israeli Parliament) is dissolved – and the Israeli government announces elections on April 9, 2019

Now it is over with empty speculation. The 20th Knesset dissolves and the Israelis go to the polls in April. The definitive coalition crisis was born out of disagreement over…

SodaStream will open its plant in Gaza

Daniel Birnbaum believes that jobs in the Palestinian enclave can bring peace

Danish TV (DR, TV2) – and neighboring countries’ TV (SVT2, ZDF, NRK1) about Israel and Jews in the coming week (2018: 52)

North Jutland Friends of Israel has made a list of broadcasts that might be of interest - remember to check for the details yourself.

The “separate” Palestinian state

The Palestinian Authority and its president, Mahmoud Abbas, are opposed to a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas - they believe that such an agreement will pave the way for the…

The encouraging, the life-affirming, the just, and the evil

A collection of (almost) completely current news in Danish - News from Israel (41).

Palestinians believe more in armed struggle than in diplomacy with Israel

The two-state solution also does not have much support in the Palestinian people.

Hamas’ plan to take over the West Bank

It is clear today that Hamas not only praises the recent terrorist attacks against Israelis in the West Bank, but is also behind some of them. Hamas and its allies…

Israel discovers a fourth Hezbollah offensive tunnel dug into Israel from Lebanon

The IDF has placed explosives in the tunnel to prevent it from being used. The location of the tunnel is revealed only to local authorities in Israel.

The boycott-Israel movement – BDS – is based on a “lie industry” against Israel – and harms the Palestinians

When BDS ... conjures up the Palestinians that they have the right to end Israel's existence through a fantasy of "right of return", then BDS is an enemy of reconciliation,…