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  • Slaughter new anti-Israel UN report

Slaughter new anti-Israel UN report

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has just released another one-sided report attempting to demonize Israel

See who gets to the MGP final in Norway

Last year's Eurovision winner, Netta Barzilai from Israel will perform during the final in Norway in Oslo Spektrum.

Denmark wants to reform the UN Human Rights Council – i.a. to eliminate discrimination against Israel

Anders Samuelsen directly urges all 47 UNHRC member states to remain silent during the March 7 debate, which takes place on 18 March.

Israel is the world’s 10th healthiest country

What is it that makes people in Israel so healthy?

IDF: – Children in the Gaza Strip are promised money if they are injured in riots

Hamas sends children as young as eight to the front line in violent riots.

Does the World Council of Churches – via EAPPI – send spies into Israel on tourist visas?

In any case, the EAPPI violates Israeli law, primarily by having participants come on tourist visas and then gather information about IDF operations and training in Jerusalem and Hebron.

Love for Israel can be contagious

We are strong together in our love for justice, for Israel and the Jewish people. - NEW VIDEOS ADDED - Jane Hoffmann explains ... and participants tell why they came!

Israel friends celebrate in Herning: “We want the Danish Melodi Grand Prix winner: Happy Trip to Israel!”

Lightning report from some of the friends: "We have a party. Music, dance and flags. We are in a high mood and wish the audience a good evening. People who…

Israel has sent spacecraft to the moon

On the night of Friday, Israel made history by sending the first private spacecraft to the moon.

Macron: – Anti-Semitism is a modern form of anti-Semitism

The rising anti-Semitism in France worries the French president.