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  • Iran is gradually approaching its goal: “Remove Israel from the map”

Iran is gradually approaching its goal: “Remove Israel from the map”

When will the international community begin to take the Iranian government's clear, verbal threats and physical aggression seriously - instead of, at worst, slandering Iran's continued, rude behavior or, at…

Hamas has received more and more powerful missiles despite the Gaza blockade

Hamas' rocket arsenal has grown larger than it was before the Gaza war in 2014.

The anti-Israel propaganda of the Unity List maintains the Palestinians in a victim role

Karen Henriksen and Bodil Heinø call the violent demonstrations in Gaza "peaceful" and believe it is realistic that 5-6 million Palestinians can return to Israel.

Israeli NGOs work together to boost high-tech jobs for Arab, Ethiopian and religious Israelis

The collaboration was announced by AIPAC; KamaTech, Tech-Career and Tsofen are working to help those on the sidelines of Startup Nation's technological boom.

Super start for MIFF in Iceland

On Wednesday 27 March, MIFF Norway began its work in a third country.

Left-wing cooperation on anti-Israel propaganda

Left-wing parties are collaborating to demonize Israel and spread anti-Israel propaganda. The parties claim that they will promote peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. In fact, they promote nothing…

Muslim preacher convicted of inciting the killing of Jews

During a Friday prayer in 2017, the preacher, Monzer Baajour in the Masjid al-Faruq mosque in Nørrebro called for the killing of Jews. Today, the verdict fell in Copenhagen City…

Respite after colossal escalation of violence from Gaza against Israel

The escalation from Gaza may be related to Hamas and others' plans to push hundreds of thousands of people into riots to mark the one-year anniversary of The Great March…

Palestinians: “Journalism” after Hamas’ head

With its control over the media, Hamas has been able to send the message out to the world that the poor conditions of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip can…

So much to celebrate!

Israel is close to becoming the fourth nation in the world to land a spacecraft on the moon. Research is made into the recent and distant past - therapy dogs…