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  • Dear Unity List – Do you support the abolition of the state of Israel?

Dear Unity List – Do you support the abolition of the state of Israel?

The Danish-Israeli Association (DIF) Aarhus and the Joint Committee for Israel challenge the Unity List.

The EU’s secret understanding with Iran

The EU's foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, seems keen to ensure that Iran - and Europe - can continue to reap the benefits of the illegal, unsigned and unratified nuclear…

Sir. Mogens Lykketoft’s participation in the Conference of Palestinians in Europe

Open letter from commentator Ole Groth-Andersen - for inspiration!

No applause for Lykketoft as he gave support to Israel’s right to exist

Lykketoft told the audience that he had heard that the conference was organized by Hamas. It garnered applause. Lykketoft went on to say that he was not present to provide…

Send your protest to the Social Democrats against Lykketoft’s participation in an anti-Israel conference!

The Unity List and the Alternative must also be announced for the participation of Pernille Skippers and Caroline Magdalene Maier, respectively.

Why are three MFs speaking at a conference whose agenda is to eliminate Israel?

Mogens Lykketoft (S), Pernille Skipper (EL) and Caroline Magdalene Maier (ALT), will speak at a conference on Saturday, whose organizers are fighting to remove the world's only Jewish state.

Made in Israel: Intel’s most powerful processor ever

Soon it will be difficult to play on computer or develop video graphics if you want to boycott Israel.

The Social Democrats are divided in their Israeli policy

Internal disagreements within the party have shaped attitudes toward Israel for several years.

Palestinian leaders are very unpopular among their own

Only 11 percent trust President Mahmoud Abbas, while 6 percent trust Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh.

The teacher refused the student to give lectures in defense of Israel

A 17-year-old Swedish girl will give a lecture on the conflict between Israel and Palestine, seen from Israel's side. This led to a stream of negative reactions - and a…