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  • The persecution of Christians in the Palestinian territories

The persecution of Christians in the Palestinian territories

Christianity is disappearing from the area where it originated.

Why Denmark should not recognize Palestine before negotiating a solution

Left-wing parties and NGOs such as Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke support a conflict-escalating policy. Unfortunately, they have enticed tens of thousands of Danes to sign it.

Can Mette Frederiksen prevent Denmark from violating international law?

If the latest opinion polls hold - the future government will be a left-wing government with Mette Frederiksen as prime minister.

Syria tried to shoot down Israeli fighter jets

Israel responded again by bombing the Syrian air defense battery.

Therefore, the Palestinians oppose economic progress

Ashraf Jabari has recently formed a new party, which calls for a focus on economic progress for the Palestinians. Instead of giving Jabari a chance to carry out his initiative,…

Heavenly days give the microphone to a conspiracy man who wants to bury Israel

The conspiracy man, Mitri Raheb, will teach the participants in Heavenly Days that Jesus was Palestinian and that a Jewish state is of evil.

Danish churches invite Palestinian boycott-Israel priest to “Heavenly Days”

"Liberation theologian" Mitri Raheb claims that Israel today consists primarily of foreign, Jewish immigrants who have nothing to do with the country's indigenous peoples.

MIFF Denmark has grown explosively!

In just one year, MIFF has grown explosively in Denmark: MIFF is not resting on its laurels - we want to further strengthen Israel's cause.

Now you can soon drink beers like David and Goliath

Israeli researchers and beer experts show the way with groundbreaking results.

Is anti-Zionism the new anti-Semitism?

Anti-Zionism is as toxic as the old anti-Semitism, says Jonathan Sacks.