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Month: June 2019

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  • The mullahs promise “Cessation of Israel” and American civilization

The mullahs promise “Cessation of Israel” and American civilization

The Iranian government continues to defy international standards, refusing to act as a rational and constructive state, even beyond its repeated malicious actions in the Gulf of Oman in June.

PA has released businessman arrested for attending conference in Bahrain

Saleh Abu Mayala - one of several Palestinian businessmen who defied the boycott of the conference has been released.

Former prime minister makes comeback

New opinion poll shows that Ehud Barak's new party stands to get six seats in the Knesset.

100 arson attacks in one week

The firebombs from the Gaza Strip continue to wreak havoc in Israel.

Israeli journalist: We were received with open arms in Bahrain

Although there are no diplomatic ties between Manama and Jerusalem, the Israeli guests received a very warm welcome in Bahrain.

Kushner in Bahrain: Criticism of our plan will not help the Palestinians

"When people criticize, the question I want to ask them is: what ideas do you want to put forward?" said Kushner to reporters.

10 points summarizing Israel’s rights in the West Bank

Israeli international law expert Alan Baker argues in the article why he believes it is wrong to use the term "Occupied Palestinian Territories" and why Israeli settlements in the West…

– Israel has stopped 50 IS attacks worldwide

Digital intelligence in Israel saves lives, says Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hamas warns: Ceasefire in jeopardy after Israel halted fuel supply in response to balloon attack

The UN delegation is reportedly arriving in Gaza to negotiate with the leaders of the terrorist group, after several fires caused by balloon attacks ravaged southern Israel.

Gives 40 million Swedish kroner to protect the Jews in Malmö

Every year, the Jewish population is exposed to dozens of anti-Semitic incidents.

Will give the Palestinians over $ 50 billion

The US peace plan could create more than one million Palestinian jobs.

The world’s first electric passenger plane comes from Israel

The Israeli company Eviation presented the world's first all-electric passenger aircraft at the Paris Air Show last week.

Half of Israelis are afraid of facing anti-Semitism on holiday

Almost all Israelis believe that European Jews should emigrate to Israel.

Israel says it has stopped Iranian espionage attempts in the West Bank

Shin Bet told in April about the arrest of Jordanian businessman. The man's Iranian connections had asked him to build business relations in Israel and the West Bank.

Netanyahu: Support the United States against Iran’s aggression

"I reiterate my call for all peace-loving countries - support the United States in its efforts to stop Iranian aggression," Netanyahu said in a statement.