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  • Israel fights Gaza terrorists at new front – the post office

Israel fights Gaza terrorists at new front – the post office

Over the past year, IDF soldiers have opened more than 1,600 shipments sent to Gaza from abroad. The content had "dual function". The Army's list of goods not allowed to…

The United States will present a peace plan at a meeting with Arab leaders

According to Israeli report, Jared Kushner will present invitations to the meeting during his trip to the Middle East. Benjamin Netanyahu has helped plan the meeting but is not expected…

Western diplomats: – Israeli F-35 hit Iranian missiles in Iraq

Over the past month, Israel has hit Iranian weapons depots in Iraq twice.

Denmark should follow the United States and move the embassy to Jerusalem

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UNRWA’s top executives investigated for inappropriate behavior, inappropriate behavior and abuse of power

UNRWA's ethics department has published an investigation report, which could lead to major changes in the management of the UN organization.

Israeli researchers have discovered that fat makes skin cancer more aggressive

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have discovered that fat cells increase the risk of cancer cells developing metastases, which is dangerous for the patient. Removing the fat cells inhibits the…

Returned Israeli teenagers will sue tourist who accused them of rape

"I walk the streets and people call me a rapist," said Yona Golub at Ben Gurion Airport, after the woman admitted that she lied.

Mahmoud Abbas: All agreements with Israel have been dropped

At the same time, Abbas offered Hamas to end the conflict between them and his ruling Fatah faction

The youth of Infinitum News experienced true coexistence in Israel

For the fourth year in a row, Infinitum News also conducted a youth trip to Israel this summer and gave a new group of young people an unforgettable experience. This…

Abbas has held an emergency meeting on action against Israel

Following the demolition of the illegally constructed homes in Sur Baher, Mahomud Abbas is demanding action against Israel.