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  • Gantz in front of “Bibi” in poll

Gantz in front of “Bibi” in poll

For the first time since the last election, Blue and White (Kahol Lavan) are ahead of Likud in the poll.

Israel has won the World Judo Championships!

Sagi Muki is the world's best in the 81-kilo class.

Took two babies in less than 30 minutes

Ambulance employee Erann Lapel had never received a baby before.

Sources: The drone attack in Beirut postpones Hezbollah’s rocket program for a long time

The target of the drone attack was equipment for the production of precision missiles.

PA President Abbas: “We will march into Jerusalem with millions of warriors”

In a harrowing speech, Mahmoud Abbas came up with both imaginative accusations and serious threats of the use of violence and terror against Israel.

New Land recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

Yet another country is following in Donald Trump's footsteps and recognizing Jerusalem.

Four grenades fired from Gaza against Israel

One of the grenades exploded in a deserted area inside Israel.

Denmark should demand that the Palestinians condemn the terrorist attack on Rina (17)

When Rina's killers are captured, they will be rewarded by the Palestinian Authority.

Israel has reportedly bombed the base of a Palestinian terrorist group in Lebanon

The group has close ties to the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah.

Why you can not take the number of “Palestinian refugees” seriously

How many Palestinian refugees are there really?