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  • Iran: – We can wipe out Israel in 30 minutes

Iran: – We can wipe out Israel in 30 minutes

Several of Iran's rockets read "Death to Israel".

Put your name on MIFF’s international protest against Oslo’s boycott plans

- If Oslo City Council decides to boycott, it will be a helping hand to the radical Islamist and Arab nationalist forces who want to see the world's only Jewish…

Limor Livnat: – We can not trust anyone but ourselves

- Today, Israel is strong in the field of security. Israel is also an economic powerhouse with excellent relations with the world's superpowers. But we must always keep in mind…

This weapon is Iran’s latest threat

The Islamic Republic is developing rockets that can hit anywhere in the Middle East.

See who is in Israel at the moment!

The Brazilian football star is in Israel to play a very special match.-It's wonderful that I get the opportunity to play with all my friends.

Bernie Sanders wants to cut aid to Israel to give more money to Gaza

The Democratic presidential candidate will also use aid to pressure Israel.

Official Palestinian newspaper compares Rina’s killer to Jesus

Child murderer Samer Arbid is compared to Jesus.

Come to Memorial Day for Jewish refugees from Arab countries on 17 Nov. in Copenhagen

In collaboration with the Israeli Embassy, Infinitum News invites to a day of remembrance for Jewish refugees from Arab countries and Iran. Author and expert, Lyn Julius gives a lecture.…

Likud voters want a coalition government

Most voters want a partnership with the center-left alliance Kahol Lavan.

European chief rabbis warn against rising anti-Semitism

Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt warns that the fading memory of the Holocaust, radical Islamism and right-wing extremism has opened up a new wave of anti-Semitism in Europe.