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Month: November 2019

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  • Extreme Palestinian child abuse

Extreme Palestinian child abuse

Palestinian children are taught that they are not created for joy, but martyrdom.

Crying and trembling with fear after another rocket alarm

The video of Reut Shpilman's frightened children has gone viral in Israel.

The day after Iran attacked Israel with nuclear weapons

How will Israel fare?

A convicted prisoner is a deputy on the board of the Danish House in Palestine

NGO Monitor has investigated the Danish government's financing of the Danish House in Palestine in Ramallah. Denmark has given the cultural center DKK 3 million. kroner in 2019. A deputy…

– Israel will respond to all rocket attacks

Defense Secretary Naftali Bennett warns that Israel will respond to all rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, whether they hit a target or hit an uninhabited area.

Rockets fired at Israel from Gaza

For the second day in a row, rockets are fired from Gaza against Israel.

Chief Rabbi: – Anti-Semitism has taken root in the British Labor Party

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis believes it will be a disaster if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister.

Message to Jewish family in Copenhagen: -We know where you live. Move. We hate you.

After several years of severe anti-Semitic harassment, the Copenhagen family has had enough. The family appears in the media to shout Denmark out.What does it take before we wake up?…

Fake, faker, fakest about Palestinian jihad textbooks

There have been NO changes in the syllabus.

Hamlet: -There is something rotten in the kingdom of Denmark

The Anti Defamation League (ADL) has examined the Danes' attitude towards Jews. Read more about the study in the article.

Tel Aviv is phasing out the use of disposable plastic in kindergartens and schools

The use of disposable plastic is being phased out in kindergartens and schools in Tel Aviv - Yafo for the sake of the environment.

Israeli Elbit selected for supply of tactical equipment to the Swiss Army

Israeli Elbit won tender for supply of tactical equipment to the Swiss army.

This has never happened in Israel before

An election law that has never been used before provides new opportunities for forming a government.

The Dutch Parliament: -Labeling of settler goods is discriminatory

Parliament calls on the government to defy the ruling of the European Court of Justice on the labeling of settler goods. They believe the decision is discriminatory, as labeling only…

The hatred in the textbooks is also reflected in the Palestinian exam papers

6 out of 8 exam questions in social and language subjects have problematic content.