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Month: December 2019

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  • 2019 was the best year of the decade for aliyah

2019 was the best year of the decade for aliyah

Over 250,000 have immigrated to Israel since 2010.

The figures show that no one should take the UN General Assembly seriously

In 2019, the UN General Assembly adopted 25 resolutions against seven countries.

Netanyahu remains the king of Likud

Won a superior victory in the battle for leadership in the center-right party.

– We are preparing for a confrontation with Iran

For the first time, Defense Chief Aviv Kochavi confirms that Israel has attacked Iranian targets in Iraq.

Christians from the Gaza Strip travel to Jerusalem and Bethlehem during the Christmas holidays

Israeli authorities allow Palestinian Palestinians from Gaza to enter.

Forbes: -Here you should travel to in 2020

Here you can experience 4000 buildings built in Bauhaus style.

Eurovision in Tel Aviv named the best of the decade

Eurovision 2019 was held in Tel Aviv in the month of May.

With your money, he tells the world that Jesus was Palestinian

Was no one more Palestinian than Jesus?

Benjamin Strasser on Hezbollah ban: -It’s in Germany’s interest

-You can not ban people or ideas. But you can make it more difficult, says Benjamin Strasser, who is behind a resolution calling on the government to ban Hezbollah's activities…

Six educational movies you can watch at Christmas

Everything from Palestinian animal cruelty to corruption is revealed here.