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Month: January 2020

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  • Infant injured after rocket attack from Gaza

Infant injured after rocket attack from Gaza

Three rockets were fired Thursday night at the southern Israeli city of Sderot.

Palestinians who do not want to be part of Palestine

Believes it will be a nightmare to become residents of a future Palestinian state.

Fatah threatens those who support Trump’s plan with weapons and cannons

Meets an outstretched hand with threats of violence.

The Arab countries are positive about the Trump plan

Egypt, Saudi Arabia and several Arab countries welcome the peace plan.

The main points of the Trump plan in Danish

What does the Trump plan really say?

Here’s Trump’s vision for what the borders may look like

Infinitum News gives you links to Trump's peace plan.

– We will never recognize a Palestinian state

Mixed reactions to Trump's peace plan from Israeli politicians.

– This may be the Palestinians’ last chance to get a state

Donald Trump presented his peace plan in the White House on Tuesday night.

Strengthens security before the launch of Trump’s peace plan

The Israeli defense fears fears of announcing the new peace plan.

Can Israeli start-up help stop coronavirus spread?

The Israeli company Sonovia would like to supply thousands of protective masks and other hospital equipment: -We can help prevent viruses from spreading.

Netanyahu withdraws request for immunity

That means the Israeli prime minister can now be prosecuted.

Israelis have spied on Hamas

The two men were granted residence permits in Israel because they have Israeli mothers.

Premier League stars united in strong Holocaust video

Profiles like Jürgen Klopp, Virgil van Dijk and Harry Kane warn against indifference.

Auschwitz survivors warn of new wave of anti-Semitism

Over 200 survivors and leaders from around 60 countries are gathering today to commemorate the victims of the death camp, while Holocaust survivors are warning of a new wave of…

If the West Bank is annexed, Israel’s largest party could become Arab

What happens if the Palestinians in the West Bank get the right to vote in the Knesset?