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  • Israeli vaccine may solve coronavirus crisis

Israeli vaccine may solve coronavirus crisis

Researchers in Israel have been successful with a vaccine for poultry against a strain similar to coronavirus. Safety tests before use on humans are expected to take place within 90…

Survey shows one-fifth of Europeans believe secret Jewish network rules the world

New study of Europeans' attitudes towards Jews is discouraging and very worrying.

Bag with Star of David and soap found at the entrance to the Holocaust exhibition in Sweden

There was also anti-Semitic reading material in the bag.

Israel advises against all travel abroad

As the first country in the world, Israel advises against all travel abroad due to fear of coronavirus.

– The threat from Gaza will only grow

Former Mossad chief does not believe Israel has handled the threat from Gaza properly.

Anti-Semitism is rising in Denmark – our politicians have a shared responsibility

It does not matter what our politicians say or think. The policy pursued is also reflected in the population.

Fears coronavirus will threaten Knesset elections March 2

Officials fear the spread of fake news about coronavirus could deter voters from going to the polls. Several Israelis are in home isolation on suspicion of infection.

Netanyahu ahead of Gantz for the first time

One week before the election, Benjamin Netanyahu and the right wing have wind in their sails.

The IDF chief fears the conflict may escalate

During Monday, more than 50 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip against Israel.

Rocket attacks from Gaza have stopped

No more rockets have been fired at Israel since midnight. Everyday life returns ...