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  • Israel’s first seriously ill Corona patient has recovered

Israel’s first seriously ill Corona patient has recovered

The 38-year-old bus driver is looking forward to seeing his family again.

Now you can read the whole “Lie Industry” for free online

You will definitely want to read this book!

Sigrid Bonde Tusvik in prime time on NRK: – Israelis work 100 percent to kill Palestinians

Israel was demonized at its grossest in the program New on New Friday, March 27th.

Israel’s top management in quarantine after Health Minister Litzman is Corona-infected

Litzman and his wife are infected with Corona. Netanyahu and Israel's top leadership fighting Corona are now all in quarantine.

Mossad contributes in the fight against Corona

The Israeli intelligence service supplied 10 million mouthpieces.

16 have died of Corona in Israel

The number of infected is over 4,200 - one of them is a Netanyahu adviser.

Israeli invention can prevent respirator deficiency

With this invention, hundreds of respirators can be produced per day.

The Danish Palestinian Friendship Association pays tribute to a dead terrorist

-The legendary, Christian, Palestinian freedom fighter Thereza Halsa died earlier today in the Jordanian capital Amman. She died far away from her beloved Palestine which she has never been allowed…

Rocket fired from Gaza at Sderot

For the first time since the Corona crisis, rockets have been fired at Israel.

Time to pray together in the midst of the Corona crisis

An emergency medical team stopped to pray. One against Mecca, the other against Jerusalem. It only happens in Israel!