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Month: April 2020

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  • Germany has banned all Hezbollah activities

Germany has banned all Hezbollah activities

At the same time as the ban came into force, German police have stormed groups affiliated with the Iranian-backed Lebanese terrorist organization.Israel: -Valent and important step in the global fight…

Palestinians drove their car into a checkpoint in the West Bank – suspected of terrorist attacks

No injuries reported at Reihan checkpoint near Jenin. The suspect told investigators he would die.

Infinitum News congratulated Israel

See our broadcast in connection with the celebration of Israel's national day.

Zoom meeting with Eran Lerman: Israel’s regional perspectives in the shadow of the epidemic

Wednesday, April 29, at 18-19, Infinitum News gives you the opportunity to hear an update from one of Israel's largest foreign policy advisers.

Israel is preparing for the careful reopening of kindergartens and schools

The Israeli Ministry of Education has laid out the plan for a gradual reopening of kindergartens and schools from next week.

Barbra Streisand and Rita sing Hatikva on the occasion of Israel’s 72nd birthday

Barbara Streisand's 1978 version in honor of Golda Meir is combined with Israeli pop star Rita's new version of the national anthem on Israel's birthday.

Will open Israel up to tourists again

Professor David Gershon believes it is time to ease the restrictions.

Woman in moderate to severe condition after she was stabbed in Kfar Saba

The 62-year-old woman is conscious and in moderate to severe condition.

Israel commemorates 23,816 fallen soldiers and 4,166 terror victims during Corona closure

Tonight at 20:00 Israeli time, a two-minute siren will mark Memorial Day for the fallen.

Israeli action series most seen in the Arab world

The third season of the Israeli series Fauda is popular among Arabs.

The straw that broke Hamas?

Hamas is increasingly feeling threatened by the Corona crisis, according to Eyal Zisser, associate professor of Middle Eastern history at Tel Aviv University.

Found grenade at UN school

This is not the first time weapons have been stored in schools in Gaza.

Israel and Denmark among countries in international Corona alliance

Austria has taken the initiative for an international Corona alliance between small countries.

Corona medicine is being tested on patients in Israel

The drug has shown good results in animal experiments.

Israel should follow three rules to prevent new Corona outbreaks

Ran Balicer: -While the economy is gradually recovering, epidemiological investigations and isolation, combating outbreaks and protecting risk groups are crucial to ensure we do not end up in a new…