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  • Netanyahu: – The Corona crisis is not over

Netanyahu: – The Corona crisis is not over

"If we do not follow the rules, we must shut society down again," Netanyahu warned.

Makes TV series about “Bibi” Netanyahu

Recognized filmmaker is behind series about the Israeli Prime Minister.

-PA can face existential threat if they stop security coordination with Israel

-I think Abbas' maneuver is more of a game for the gallery. I do not think he can maintain it over time because the PA has a strategic need for…

Sharp rise in new Corona cases

The health authorities in Israel warn that the pandemic is far from over.

Palestinian authorities will still not accept more tons of emergency aid

Now the Corona aid has been standing at Israeli airport for over a week.

Journalist was fired from AP after criticizing Palestinian Authority authorities

Palestinian security forces have reportedly threatened to fire the journalist.

Mette and Netanyahu in new cooperation meeting

For the second time in a short time, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended a new meeting together.

Iran bans use of Israeli technology. It will set them back at least 50 years

- Without Israeli technology, Iran would become a huge Amish colony, says the author.

They were born in Lebanon but see themselves as Israelis

After Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000, many former Tzadal (Southern Lebanese Army) soldiers fled with their families to Israel. Their children have grown up in Israel and consider themselves…

Large study: One in five in England thinks Corona is a Jewish conspiracy

- The number was higher than expected, say researchers at the University of Oxford.