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Month: June 2020

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  • Shin Bet has revealed Hezbollah’s attempts to recruit Israeli informants

Shin Bet has revealed Hezbollah’s attempts to recruit Israeli informants

The terrorist group tried to recruit Israeli citizens with the help of a woman who had moved to Lebanon after the Shin Bet interrogation.

Strict restrictions keep Corona out of Israeli prisons

Israeli prisons have imposed strict restrictions to prevent the spread of Corona among the inmates.

The Palestinians say they will negotiate with Israel again

Willing to return to direct negotiations for the first time since 2014.

Netanyahu: – I am ready for new negotiations with the Palestinians

The Prime Minister believes that annexation can bring life to the deadlocked peace negotiations.

– Israel has lost control of Corona

Professor Eli Wachsman at the Weizmann Institute believes the government must take action.

Hamas threatens Israel with more attacks

The terrorist group calls Israeli retaliation after their rocket attacks on southern Israel 'expansion of aggression against the Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank'.

Annexation is NOT apartheid

Israel's plan to assert sovereignty will NOT create an apartheid situation. The enclaves are the inevitable result of the Trump plan's principle that no Palestinians or Israelis should be forced…

Two rockets fired from Gaza against southern Israel

The rockets come just a day after the terrorist organization Hamas warned that annexation is a declaration of war.

Why Israel’s planned “annexation” in the West Bank is NOT contrary to international law

Is it wise for Israel to annex? And is it legal?

United Arab Emirates enters into Corona agreement with Israel

- The collaboration will be in research, development and technology for the benefit of health throughout the region. It is the result of continuous and intensive contacts in recent months,…

Hamas: – We are ready with our weapons, rockets and suicide attacks

"We have our weapons ready in our hands and we stand firm in our decision," said Hamas MP Mushir Al-Masri.

PA’s categorical NO to cooperation with Israel costs Palestinian patients their lives

The Palestinian Authority's (PA) categorical NO to cooperation and assistance from Israel demands Palestinian lives.

53 parliamentary politicians threaten Israel with consequences – here is why they are wrong

Representatives of the Unity List, the Socialist People's Party, the Radical Left, the Social Democrats, the Left and non-aligned people believe that Israel's plans to assert sovereignty over up to…

– Israel will crush the two-state illusion and promote a realistic two-state solution

- We hope that the enforcement of sovereignty over parts of Judea and Samaria will show the Palestinians that a new century of rejection is a losing strategy, writes Ron…

EU parliamentarians demand renewed dialogue with Israel

- Dialogue and cooperation between the EU and Israel are necessary in the light of new challenges such as Corona, rising tensions in the Middle East and rising anti-Semitism in…