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Month: July 2020

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  • Israeli researchers have found new method to predict cancer spread

Israeli researchers have found new method to predict cancer spread

New method can assess probable risk of cancer spreading.

Over 500 died of Corona in Israel

At the time of writing, 321 people are in serious condition, of which 99 are in respirator.

Has rescued 3,200 Jews from Syria

Judy Feld Carr tells how she has rescued 3228 Jews out of Syria.

Shin Bet interrogation of former Hamas commander has given Israel important intelligence

Among other things, Az Aladdin Hussein had a missile in his home that was to be used to kill or kidnap Israeli soldiers.

Meet Israel’s ambassador to Denmark via Zoom on 26 August

Wednesday, August 26 at 18 you have the unique opportunity to meet Ambassador Benny Dagan.

Mette and Netanyahu in new cooperation meeting

The Prime Minister of Denmark and the Prime Minister of Israel attended another Corona meeting on 29 July.

Ben-Dror Yemini criticizes Netanyahu for ignoring violence against protesters

- Street violence is the prime minister's responsibility, the veteran journalist writes.

The Faroe Islands open representation in Tel Aviv

- Both in the Faroe Islands and in Denmark, there is political opposition to placing the representation in Jerusalem, and I will not lose the opportunity to establish a representation…

27 percent of Copenhageners support a boycott of Israel

New Israeli opinion poll shows that 27 percent of the inhabitants of Copenhagen support a boycott, deinvestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

Shira Haas nominated for Emmy

- I can not find words, says a jubilant Shira Haas.