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Month: November 2020

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  • Israeli gymnast became European champion

Israeli gymnast became European champion

Is one of Israel's biggest gold hopes in the Olympic Games.

The Houti militia is threatening to attack Israel

The Iran-backed militia is developing long-range missiles.

Israel can sleep soundly at night with Biden’s foreign policy leadership

Jerusalem could hardly have hoped for a better choice, writes Herb Keinon.

Infinitum News presented our work to the Israeli National Assembly, the Knesset

On Tuesday 24 November, Conrad Myrland, general manager of MIFF, attended a Zoom meeting organized by the Knesset

Must appear in court after this picture

Perceived as an insult to the Egyptian people.

Zoom Memorial Day for Jewish refugees from Arab countries with the film “The Escape from Baghdad” and lecture by Edwin Shuker

November 24 at 18 commemorates the day of remembrance for Jewish refugees from Arab and Muslim countries via Zoom. Watch the gripping documentary "The Escape from Baghdad" and subsequent lectures…

Here is Biden’s foreign minister

Says Israel's security will be very important to the Biden administration.

Historic meeting in Saudi Arabia

Benjamin Netanyahu and Mossad chief Yossi Cohen met with the Saudi Crown Prince.

Palestinians resume cooperation with Israel

The Palestinian Authority (PA) stopped cooperating in May.

Uncovered the deepest terrorist tunnel Hamas has ever built

Hamas does not abandon their attempt to dig into Israel.