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  • Israel opens liaison office in Morocco

Israel opens liaison office in Morocco

The historic US-mediated normalization agreement between Israel and Morocco has created a whole new relationship between the countries 20 years after the Israeli embassy closed.

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With fake news, the PA turns terrorists into victims

Depicts Palestinian terrorists as "martyrs" and innocent victims.

Gilad Erdan to the UN: – The world must fight anti-Semitism and the threat from Iran as it fights Corona

"In the same way that the world is fighting the Corona, it must also eradicate all forms of anti-Semitism," said Israel's ambassador to the United Nations and the United States.

– We will level Tel Aviv if Israel makes the slightest mistake

Iran threatens to annihilate Israeli cities if Israel attacks its nuclear facilities.

Denmark’s ambassador to Israel: – Israeli chutzpah is unique

Ambassador Anne Dorte Rigelsen tells in Fyens Stiftstidende about Israel's very special ability to overcome even the worst crises.

Innovation Center Denmark, Tel Aviv: – Israel is world champion in vaccinations and Start-Up

- Israel has amazed the world with lightning Corona vaccination. Equally impressive is the ability of Israeli startups to attract massive investment and thus put global economic pessimism to shame,…

The United States resumes liaison with PA and UNRWA assistance

Believes it will lead to peace in the Middle East.

Named one of the healthiest cities in the world

The city boasts 3311 hours of sunshine a year.

PA: – The Holocaust was Europe’s revenge on the evil of the Jews

The Palestinian Authority (PA), which receives several million each year. Danish tax dollars mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day by blackening the victims.