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  • Mette meets Netanyahu in Jerusalem

Mette meets Netanyahu in Jerusalem

Thursday takes the prime minister to Israel to discuss closer Corona cooperation between Denmark and Israel.

Now IDF is better prepared for a war against Hezbollah

Is ready to "beat even harder back" on enemy attacks.

Army Conrad Myrland in the podcast lionbakken

Monica Staff and Mikkel Doblay invited MIFF's daily leader Conrad Myrland into the hollow of the lion.

Shin Bet: – Israele arrested to collect information about Iron Dome to Hamas

Mohammad Abu Adra (43) could move freely in Israel and Gaza. It utilized the terrorist group Hamas to recruit another Israeli spy.

Large Israeli study of vaccine efficiency Published in peer-reviewed journal

Israel's greatest sickness fund has investigated vaccine efficiency of 1.2 million Israelis.

The EU will give at 150 million to Corona

In 2020, PA $ 1 billion in terrorized reward - How will the EU ensure that Corona funds are not abused?

Dagbladet Information Recycling thinwritten indictment about ‘Medical apartheid’ against Israel

No matter how many times Danish media repeats a lie, it will not be true - this also applies to the newspaper information thinly and false accusation about 'medical apartheid'.

Here he defends himself against the terrorist

Israeli Binyamin Cohen managed to defend against the Palestinian terrorist who would knife him.

Disagreement on Iran Agreement is dangerous

- Disagreement between Israel and the United States combined with internal disagreement in Israel and the coming Knesset choice can be explosive when it comes to Iran, writes analyst Yoav…

Infinitum News has gained nearly 700 new members in four weeks

MIFF's membership has increased net by almost 700 members in the last four weeks.