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  • Sunday becomes National Garden Day in Israel

Sunday becomes National Garden Day in Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu declares Land Age after the disaster that has cost at least 45 life.

One of the greatest tragedies in the history of Israel

44 people have died and more than a hundred are wounded, many of them critically, after the disaster hit the Lay Baomer party at Mount Meron at night to Friday.

Israel gets top location in corona handling

See also where Denmark, Sweden and Norway are located in the list.

Sejer for Infinitum News in the press’s professional selection

Infinitum News was supported in our main complaint in the pressology of the press. NTB performed critically and the article created misleading impressions, concluded a unanimous committee.

Parliamentary member: – Israel has long behaved as a rogue

See which Danish parliamentary member and several Danish media jumps on HRW's fake apartheid accusation.

John Kerry is accused of having leaked info about Israeli operations to Iran

Iran's Foreign Minister says Kerry informed him of more than 200 Israeli operations.

Israel Bad Tor Wennesland Continue Warning

Bad Norwegian UN broadcast pass the clear message to Hamas.

The Palestinians are more happy than the Jordan and Egyptians

Israel climbs three seats up on the list of the most happy country. Despite all the allegations of Israeli crimes against the Palestinians, they score higher than Egypt and Jordan…

Human Rights Watch demonizes Israel with apartheid accusation

Human Rights Watch suggests "targeted sanctions" and limited weapon sales to Israel.

Three nights in a row with rocket attacks from Gaza

Four people, including high-pregnant woman were injured while they run in cover.