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Month: May 2021

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  • – Israel took considerable steps for not hitting civilians

– Israel took considerable steps for not hitting civilians

Says US Foreign Minister Antony Blink.

Hamas leader: – 10,000 “Martyrs” in Israel stand ready to attack

- We are ready for the big fight against the enemy, says Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar.

Israel’s ambassador: – Politiken and the Left contribute to increasing anti-Semitism

- It is a very dangerous development for Jews' security, especially in the light of increasing anti-Semitism in recent years in Europe. Unfortunately, the Left in Denmark has not distanced…

Pa: – We will continue the cycle of blood and murder

All Palestinians are potential "martyrs", says Palestinian leader.

UN leader in Gaza: – Israel’s air attacks were precise

Matthias Schmale says the Israeli defense did not hit civilian on purpose.

Infinitum News answers the question Hamas asked NRK

Violence against Jews from Hamas support players worldwide proves any doubts why the Jews must have their own state.

– Israel does not have the right to exist

Danish journalists should talk to Hamas founder before speaking about the terrorist group.

The figures for the Arabic pogroms against Jews in Israel in May 2021

The figures for Arabic and Jewish violence.

Therefore, so many journalists are Palestine activists

Therefore, so many journalists are Palestine activists

– I’m speechless over the devastation I’ve seen

Several European Foreign Ministers visited Israel to show support and sympathy.

The ceasefire entered into force – Finally, Israel’s inhabitants got a quiet night

The Hamas Terrorgroup continued to attack Israel's civilian population right to the ceasefire came into force tonight.

While the ceasefire approaches the rocket attacks

Housing in Ashkelon hit by rocket. The ceasefire can be on the way in 24 hours.

The foars with the cards Fredrik Solvang browed under NRK debate

NRK continues to use the cards that MSNBC has regretted that they used.

Two Danish women tell about life with Hamas rockets

The Terrorg group Hamas has attacked Israel's civilian with rockets for 20 years and they hit everything and everyone - also the Danes who live in the country.

IDF: Palestinian family was killed by Hamas rocket

About 700 of the 4000 rockets as the terrorist group Hamas has attacked Israel's civilian population in the current attack round has exploded in Gaza.