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  • Danish influences exposed to death threats

Danish influences exposed to death threats

- It has been very violent. I can almost no more. There was, among other things, one who called and in a very threatening tone said I shouldn't be here…

Infinitum News has collected some of the worst examples of raw anti-Israeli propaganda in the left

Judge yourself - what do you think?

UN chief said Israel would not hit civilian – now he is persona non grata

Hamas has given Matthias Schmale that he is no longer welcome in Gaza.

Netanyahu finished after 12 years

Coalition with 8 lots has joined together and takes over the longest prime minister of Israel.

Here Israel’s newly elected president

Isaac Herzog says he wants to bridge between people in the country.

Son of Hamas founder: – Hamas hate Israel more than they love their own children

- Hundreds of children have paid the price. The kind of people should not get away with what they have done. They should not feel comfortable wherever they are hiding.…

– Money for rebuilding Gaza will end in Hamas pockets

The terrorist group will both use money and materials aimed at rebuilding Gaza.

– You can’t learn history from Instagram

Bill Maher spent ten minutes of his popular talk show to defend Israel.

Hamas already started rebuilding his raketary

Preparing for the next war against Israel.

What is the real reason for so many hate Israel?

Is it the old dark anti-Semitism that lies behind?

See MIFFS Recent Direct Consignment

Hear Conrad Myrland comment on the extreme statement that came from the city council of Tromsø during the week.