• Mon. May 16th, 2022

– It is a very dangerous development for Jews’ security, especially in the light of increasing anti-Semitism in recent years in Europe.
Unfortunately, the Left in Denmark has not distanced itself from this development, writing Ambassador Benny Dagan among other things in Berlingske.
US Foreign Minister Anthony Blink related directly to the situation at his visit to Copenhagen this week when he said “Israel has the right to defend himself, and there is no comparison between a terrorist group that Unshielded fires rockets against civilians, and a country that defends itself “. The EU and Denmark have also recognized Israel’s right to defend themselves.
is actually Israel’s response aimed at protecting its citizens, framing Hamas’ military abilities and preventing the population of Israel being. affected by terror in the future. Unlike what some places are claimed, Hamas will not be strengthened by attacking Israel. There is no one in the Middle East that does something extra these days to show their support for Hamas, as it knows that it is a radical Islamist organization that shares his perverse vision with other extreme organizations: to take power by Copping Democratic processes or by using violence, also against its own population.
violence and terror Hamas tried to take control of the Palestinian autonomy and the West Bank this year by to participate in the Palestinian election actions. Ultimately, Mahmoud Abbas canceled the choice. The self-management president was afraid to lose to Hamas. As expected, Hamas then exploited the apartment during the Ramadan to resort to violence and terror against Israel. It happened, while Israel allowed prayer for tens of thousands of people every day at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and at the same time worked hard to stretch turmoil created by extreme Muslims.
* Read MIFFR Article : – Hamas “speculates in causing civilian deaths among the Palestinians”. Every single Hamas rocket is a breach of international law, says researcher Cecilie Hellestveit.
* Read MIFFR Article: – Palestinian choice may end in Fatah land , Hamas-Stan and Israel. – pressure from donor countries who finance the Palestinian Central Administration forces PA-President Abbas for elections. Abbas rates that the Terrorg group Hamas gets Parliament while receiving the presidency, writes Hanna Ziadeh.
* Read MIFFR Article: Hamas accuses Abbas for a coup. Emergency mode in the Palestinian territories (PA) after future Palestinian elections has again been canceled.
Over the last decade, the Middle East has experienced destruction and misery in connection with increasing power to militant Islamists. Living in any form of extremist Islamic rule in the Middle East, the result is always the same: custody and suffering for the population.
more than 400 of Hamas’ rockets fired against Israel ended up exploding in Gaza, killing lots by Palestinians. The military Hamas machine exposes his own population to danger. All this happens instead of utilizing the massive amount of cement and the enormous financial support that you could instead use to build schools, hospitals or support its population. Hamas’ military project is supported by Iran and additional donations from extreme Muslim organizations. Some of these are also European.
“Abraham Accords”
The Arab countries who have signed “Abraham Accords”, have long since realized that the future of their population must be someone else. The future in the region is dependent on compromises, development, education, struggle for the climate, promoting sustainable energy and securing food and water. And not least, the influence of radical Islamist components must be slowed down. The countries behind the new agreements between Israel and Arab countries represent political and religious innovation. The Arab countries see Israel as a legitimate and vital partner in the Middle East of the future. Hamas and its followers will not succeed in undermining this development.
Read MIFFs on the Abraham Agreements here.
* Read MIFF Article – Palestinian leaders have been “a failure” for 70 years. Former Saudi Arabic intelligence manager and prince calls a spade for a spade in his criticism of Palestinian leaders.
After acting for almost four years as ambassador in Copenhagen, it is my Clear conviction that Denmark has an in-depth understanding of the new development in the Middle East and sincerely understands what challenges Israel is met in a turbulent region. Global development and security challenges,
It comes from the Middle East to Europe, has contributed to this understanding. The threats coming from Islamists and non-democratic regimes in Syria and Iran, have created permanent instability.

I must say that I have encountered people and organizations who have had difficulty breaking old perceptions and thinking. The Dagbladet Politiken is opposed to Abraham Accords and instead launched a failure campaign to stamp Israel as an apartheidse. This we saw in connection with Mette Frederiksen’s visit to Israel in March, where Politiken in Leader Square shouted apartheid. It reminds me of then, the United Nations with its outrageous resolution in 1975 Sids Zionism with racism. Fortunately, this resolution was revoked in 1991.

Politikens editors and writers have contributed to a campaign, it is not just anti-Israeli, but also anti-Semitic. Of course, the policy is not in itself antismitter, but when you often allow posts that are so unilateral in their criticism of Israel, the waters of groups that cannot distinguish between criticism of Jews and Israel. An excellent example of this is the policy’s stamping of the new report from Human Rights Watch. Politiken has no mentioned that the author behind the report, Omar Shakir, is known for its rhetoric that Israel does not have the right to exist.
* Read MIFF article with review by HRW’s faulty report.

Like many other places in Europe, the anti-Israeli manifestations are directly aimed at Jews, which we also recently saw with vandalism in Helsingør. The same is also massive on social media. It is a very dangerous development for Jews’ security, especially in the light of increasing anti-Semitism in recent years in Europe. Unfortunately, the Left in Denmark has not distanced itself from this development.
The unit list and SF, known for their massive and persistent criticism of Israel and lack of condemnation of Hamas, voted in the Folketing this week Even for a ban on boys consecutive, which would really prohibit future Jewish life in Denmark. Fortunately, the proposal was voted down by a more sensible majority.

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