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What is the real reason for so many hate Israel?

Is it the old dark anti-Semitism that lies behind?

Infinitum News is a co-sponsor of international conference on anti-Semitism

Several lead experts in anti-Semitism participate in the conference.

Gilad Erdan: – Time to UN introduce Ihra’s definition of anti-Semitism

Says Israel's UN ambassador.

Palestinian theologian: – If Muslims want to live in peace and security, they must remove the Jews

Palestinian theologian expressed his dream of genocide of Jews on Turkish television channel.

– The fight against anti-Semitism is also in the interest of the Arabs

"Historically, there is a link between rising anti-Semitism, terrorism, instability, and lack of development in the Middle East," Saudi Arabian academic Najat Al-Saied wrote in the newspaper Israel Hayom.

Shouts “death over Israel” in the classroom

The textbooks of the Islamic Republic of Iran are more anti-Semitic than ever.

Warns of rising anti-Semitism in 2021

The latest report from the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs warns that medieval blood accusations against Jews will help increase anti-Semitism worldwide in 2021.

The Halle terrorist has been given life


The EU will take up the fight against anti-Semitism

Recognizes growing anti-Semitism in Europe - especially during the Corona crisis. In the Declaration, EU member states emphasize: - Permanent joint responsibility for actively protecting and supporting Jewish life.

Albania follows Kosovo – adopts IHRA definition of anti-Semitism