• Wed. May 18th, 2022

Condemnation of Israel

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  • – You can’t learn history from Instagram

– You can’t learn history from Instagram

Bill Maher spent ten minutes of his popular talk show to defend Israel.

Parliamentary member: – Israel has long behaved as a rogue

See which Danish parliamentary member and several Danish media jumps on HRW's fake apartheid accusation.

Human Rights Watch demonizes Israel with apartheid accusation

Human Rights Watch suggests "targeted sanctions" and limited weapon sales to Israel.

Travel doubts about charges from Breaking the Silence

Breaking The Silence Manipulated IDF soldier's testimony About the Gaza war with the aim of increasing Israel's reputation, says Israeli organization.

Berlingske and TV2 jump on blood charges against Israel


Once again, the UN’s bias against Israel was confirmed


Gilad Erdan to the UN: – You do not recognize the new reality in the Middle East


Imam tells how a Palestinian woman made a U-turn

Imam Tawhidi recounts conversation with a Palestinian woman.

IHRA definition of anti-Semitism adopted in Spain

The Jewish congregations in Spain thank the government for their decision.

Now you can read the whole “Lie Industry” for free online

You will definitely want to read this book!