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Denmark and Israel

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  • Infinitum News has collected some of the worst examples of raw anti-Israeli propaganda in the left

Infinitum News has collected some of the worst examples of raw anti-Israeli propaganda in the left

Judge yourself - what do you think?

SF politician deleted retweet that compares Israel with Isis

SF do you know where you have.

– Hamas “speculates in causing civilian deaths among the Palestinians”

Every single Hamas rocket is a breach of international law, says researcher Cecilie Hellestveit.

Demonstration in front of Israel’s Embassy in Hellerup dissolved after stone’s throw and cannon stroke

Demonstration with 4000 protesters in front of Israel's embassy developed violent.

Danish EU parliamentarian: – Jerusalem is the capital of the Palestinians

- Now the international community must back up about the Palestinians' demands to go to elections in their own capital, Jerusalem!, Writes Margrete Auken (SF) on social media.

Innovation Center Denmark, Tel Aviv: – Danish entrepreneurs must be a trip past Tel Aviv

- Danish entrepreneurs, unfortunately, draw in land when the Israelis say "Let's try your idea of". Danish entrepreneurs would have good care of Israeli treatment, writes Lasse Vinther Grønning, Director,…

Copenhagen Municipality: Boycott of Israeli settlements illegal

Boycott of goods and services from Israeli settlements is illegal according Danish law and EU legal principles, according to Copenhagen Municipality.

The parties El, SF and everything in Copenhagen do not give up trying to boycott Israel

The unit list, SF and the alternative will push for boycott of goods and services from Israeli settlements despite the fact that it is illegal.

City of Copenhagen: Boycott of Israeli settlements are illegal

Boycott of goods and services from Israeli settlements will be contrary to Danish law and EU judicial principles, jurists in Copenhagen firmly.

The EU and electricity give Danish-Israeli vaccine cooperation the cold shoulder

EU Vaccine Manager, French Commissioner Thierry Breton and the Unity List reject the idea of Danish-Israeli vaccine cooperation.

DR uses source with BDS connection to demonize Israel

The debate on providing several vaccines to Denmark is drowning in raw anti-Israeli propaganda. Fact check or use of credible sources sturgently not at the top of the list.

Infinitum News has collected raw anti-Israeli propaganda prior to Prime Minister’s Corona meeting with Netanyahu

The Left and Danish Palestinian Friendship Association (DPV) have got the coffee wrong in the neck that the prime minister will have close corona cooperation with Israel. Infinitum News has…

The Prime Minister will discuss vaccine production in Israel

Will be discussed during the meeting between Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem.

Mette meets Netanyahu in Jerusalem

Thursday takes the prime minister to Israel to discuss closer Corona cooperation between Denmark and Israel.

What does it mean to support Israel and why should everyone do it?

See lecture by Conrad Myrland.