• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

A mayor of a Palestinian village has been thrown at the gate by the Palestinian Fatah movement after a video of his son’s wedding was spread on social media. The video shows four Jews participating in the festivities. According to the Palestinian media, the four Jews must be settlers, writes Ha’aretz.

The mayor’s name is Radi Nasser. In addition to being thrown out of Fatah, he is also being removed from his position in the Palestinian Ministry of Education. The ministry has announced that it will set up a group to investigate the incident and decide what else to do with Nasser.

“It is a gross violation of all our national values ​​and a violation of the value of every Palestinian,” the ministry said in an official statement.


The video shows four Jews enjoying themselves with hundreds of other guests in the Palestinian village near Ramallah. Some of the guests filmed the Jews having fun at the wedding, and the video quickly spread on social media, leading to the outcry.

The video generated a wealth of reactions. Many of them commented on the presence of Jews at the wedding as an insult to the villagers and to the Palestinian nation as a whole. Many called for Nasser and his family to be punished.

After the video spread, Nasser was quickly out and refused to invite the four Jews. He says they showed up at the party after midnight.

“When someone told me and my son that four Jews had come to the party, I grabbed them and threw them out,” Nasser said of the incident.

He claims that the Jews came to the wedding to damage his and his son’s reputation. Nasser has been backed by the family, who say the mayor is known for his political stance and actions in Palestinian society. The family is now asking for mercy from Fatah and the Palestinian Authority, but Fatah and the Ministry of Education are determined to punish the family.

In a commentary in the newspaper Ha’aretz, commentator Steven Klein writes that it is disturbing that the Israeli left is completely silent when Jews are being dehumanized in this way.

Since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority, the Palestinian Authority has had a policy of avoiding normalization with the Jews. Klein believes that this policy is one of the greatest obstacles to peace and coexistence and that it must be condemned.

“The failed anti-normalization policy creates a cool relationship between Jewish Israelis and Palestinians. Moreover, the purpose of that policy is to dehumanize settlers,” writes Klein, who believes Palestinian authorities are afraid that settlers will be portrayed as ordinary people.

“Nothing contradicts the Palestinians’ claims that the settlers are racist and terrorists more than settlers attending a Palestinian wedding and wishing the bride and groom Mazal Tov (congratulations in Hebrew).

In addition to the serious consequences for Nasser and his son, the Palestinian security authorities have also been given access to the guest list of all those who attended the wedding. Klein thinks it is very disturbing that four Jewish guests at a wedding can create such strong reactions.

“When the Palestinian elite enforces an anti-normalization policy and dehumanizes Israelis, they contribute to an atmosphere that is negative to any compromise for peace. This in turn will create a pretext for rejecting Israeli peace proposals, as it did. with Arafat in 2000 and Abbas in 2008 “.

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