• Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

The Israeli army (IDF) has attacked Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip after Palestinian terrorists fired six rockets at southern Israel early this morning, the IDF said. It writes the newspaper Times of Israel.


The rockets apparently hit open areas and did not cause human or property damage. There are no reports of Palestinian casualties.


The rocket attacks from Gaza triggered sirens in Israeli communities near Gaza early Friday morning, sending hundreds of Israelis into shelters. The rocket attacks came after the IDF attacked Hamas targets in Gaza in response to the hundreds of explosive balloons and airborne explosives that Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have been sending across the border into Israel for some time. The explosive balloon attacks have caused great damage to nature, wildlife and agriculture and are a constant danger to the Israelis living nearby. On Thursday alone, explosive balloon attacks from Gaza caused over 50 fires in Israel. Read MIFF’s articles on the explosive balloon attacks here.


The explosive balloon threat against Israel is not new – hear an Israeli farmer from kibbutz Nahal Oz who in 2018 asked for international help to get the UN to condemn the terrorist group Hamas:


Read MIFF article: EU failed and forgotten Gaza surveillance.

The rocket threat from Gaza against Israel is not new either – hear what it is like to live in the kibbutz Nahal Oz which is a few hundred meters from Gaza:

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According to the IDF, the six rockets were fired around five o’clock in the morning and triggered sirens in kibbutz Nahal Oz and Alumim east of the northern Gaza Strip, sending hundreds of Israelis into shelters. In response, the IDF has bombed Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, including a weapons production facility. According to Palestinian media, the Hamas targets were located close to Gaza City.

According to the IDF, fighter jets, tanks and other aircraft carried out the first round of airstrikes on Friday morning, hitting Hamas’ underground infrastructure and observation posts.

The latest attacks come amid a period of growing tensions between Israel and terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip, especially from the terrorist group Hamas, which controls Gaza.

In recent weeks, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have sent waves of explosive balloons across the border into Israel, creating many forest fires in southern Israel, Palestinian terrorists firing rockets across the border and holding violent protests along the security fence to Israel. / p>

Israel has carried out night airstrikes against Hamas targets, restricting imports to the Gaza Strip and restricting the fishing zone.

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