• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas has reportedly agreed to stop sending firebombs and explosives from the Gaza Strip into Israel using balloons. Islamic Jihad has also accepted it, writes the Jerusalem Post.

According to media reports, the decision was made late Monday night after an Egyptian intelligence delegation visited the Gaza Strip. Egypt has reportedly warned that Israel would strike hard if the terror continued.

At the same time, Israel has reportedly agreed to ease restrictions on imports and exports from the Gaza Strip, without the details being known. Recently, strawberries were exported from Gaza to England for the first time in cooperation with Israel.

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For the past two years, for example, Palestinians in Gaza have sent drones, kites, condoms and balloons with explosives across the border into southern Israel. Several of them have landed at schools, kindergartens, agriculture and roads. In recent weeks, dozens of bombs have been sent to Israel from the Gaza Strip using balloons. Both grenades, homemade bombs and other types of explosives have threatened the population in areas near Gaza. Many people fear that children will find the balloons and be injured or killed by the explosives.

But despite reports that Palestinian terrorist groups would stop their balloon terror, suspicious objects were found on Tuesday in both Sdot in the Negev and outside the city of Ashkelon north of Gaza.

As Infinitum News has previously written about, work is still being done to get a five-year ceasefire in place between Israel and Hamas. There are no direct negotiations between the parties, but Egypt acts as an intermediary.

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