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In 11 days rained over 4,300 rockets day and night down over Israel’s inhabitants, 90% of rockets were scanned by Israel’s missile defense Iron Dome. 12 people in Israel were killed, over 335 were injured, several of them critically. In addition, the figures for the psychological consequences and the number of Israelis who get PTSD and anxiety of the repeating rocket attacks are incalculable, the same is the extensive destruction in several Israeli cities. Read: Two Danish women tell about life with Hamas rockets. The terrorist group Hamas has attacked Israel’s civilian with rockets for 20 years and they hit everything and everyone – also the Danes who live in the country.
Read more about Hamas here.

Every single Hamas rocket is a war crime. Hamas who have held Gaza’s inhabitants caught in a brutal terrorist regime since the terrorist group took control over the enclave at a bloody coup in 2007, is guilty of war crimes against both Israel’s civilian population and the civilian population in Gaza as Hamas uses as human shields when attacking Israel from residential areas in Gaza. 30% of Hamas’ rockets explode in Gaza and kill civilians.

Hamas is inspired by Nazism and, as their declared goal, has to annihilate Israel. Iran is Hamas’ large support player who, among other things, finances the terrorist’s rockets. Read here.

A Hamas terrorist is motivated by the Hamas Charter. “Our struggle against the Jews is very extensive and serious, and will therefore need all the loyal support we can get, and later it must be followed by new promotion and reinforced by battalions from the widely branched Arab and Islamic world until the enemies are overcome And Allah’s Sejer is a fact, “writes Hamas. Read about Hamas here.

For the past 20 years, Hamas attacked Israel’s civilian population in section 2000 rockets every year – we do not belong to the rocket attacks in Danish media and it was not for MIFF’s work for Israel, the Danes would not know the truth about the Rockett Israel.

Anyway, Danish newspapers as a politics and the left of rising Israel-hatred and anti-Semitism – read Israel’s ambassador, Benny Dagan’s chronicle reproduced today by Infinitum News here.

See the clip with one of the council’s founders: – Israel does not have the right to exist, also read the MIFF article on the interview.


Yesterday, Hamas leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar stated that Hamas has 500 km of tunnels in Gaza, and that only 5% of them were injured by Israel’s air strikes against the Terrorg group’s military, writes the newspaper Jerusalem Post.

The Sinwar also said that the terrorist group has 10,000 “martyrs” inside Israel, which is “ready” if something happens in Jerusalem. “In the coming period, we will perform an advanced popular resistance that will be backed by military resistance,” Sinwar said.
Here’s what Hamas has to offer Palestinian and Israeli children – terror and more terror :


According to Sinwar, scheduled the terrorist group shortly before the ceasefire came into effect to attack Israel with 300 rockets at once, 150 of them was aimed at Tel Aviv. Hamas did not decided to implement the attack for the interests of Egypt and Qatar
. According to Sinwar, the terrorist group can attack Israel with several hundred rockets per minute with a range of 100-200 km.

The Hamas leader emphasized that the ceasefire with Israel is unconditionally, and that none of the parties have signed an agreement.
Despite reports that Israeli air strikes have destroyed much of Hamas tunnel network (also known as “metro”), If Sinwar claims that the terrorist group has over 500 km of Tunnels in Gaza, and that it is only 5% of the tunnels that have been harmed by Israel’s air strikes, Sinwar claims that the tunnels will be ready again within a few days.

Gaza has an area of ​​365 square kilometers, if Sinwar’s statements are correct, it will say that the Tunnel’s tunnel systems cover most of the enclave and mean that Hamas Metro is 100 km longer than the entire London’s underground tunnel system. In Gaza’s more limited area, it could run 10 parallel lines north to the south and another eight tunnels connecting them, running east to the west. According to Israel’s defense (IDF), they have destroyed over 100 km of Hamas tunnels during the latest protection of Israel’s civilian population (Operation Guardian of the Walls).


According to Sinwar here: “The occupation (Israel) has not destroyed Hamas’ metro. The occupation did not achieve its plans to deter the resistance, and could not assess the situation due to our preparations.”

The Sinwar also denied reports that Israel had managed to fool Gaza-Terror groups to believe IDF will start land in vasion, so as to get the terrorists run down in the terrorist attacks of the terrorist group. According to Sinwar, the Firm Group’s’ intelligence “was familiar with enemy plans and knew that there would be no country invasion.”

Sinwar warned that Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem are the “red” line of the terrorist group and that the latest rocket attacks against Israel’s civilian population is only a small “taste” on what will happen if Israel is trying to “damage al-aqsa- the mosque. “

Sinwar: “We are ready for the big battle if the enemy commits errors in Jerusalem and the holy places. We have a message to the occupation and the world that we do not threaten randomly, so the world knows that there are men who want to protect Al-AQSA.

sinwar urged the inhabitants of the neighborhoods Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan who are thrown out after the Suprael’s Supreme Court has settled that they cannot stay. There is a camp presently that has been going on for several decades and the Arab tenants have refused to pay their rental – how long can you stay free for rent in Denmark? The Hamas leader says to the tenants that they must “be steadfast” and that the Islamists in Gaza will back them up.
Here’s a simple overview of what is up and down in Sheikh Jarrah:

screen dump: NGO monitor, fb.

There have previously been attempts to get the Israeli prisoners released by Hamas. According to Sinwar, it is also now discussed, but that political instability in Israel prevents them from moving forward. Hamas for several years, Israelis held in Gaza held and kept continued caught. Such shell
V Infinitum News in April 2020: Hamas requires 250 prisoners released for information on missing Israelis
. – Read here.

on the donor countries’ concern about humanitarian aid to Gaza abuse to terror for terrorist military wing, Sinwar said Hamas and Izzadin Al-Qassam Brigades had their own funds and did not need the funds given to reconstruction by Gaza. Sinwar thanked Iran to support Hamas with money, weapons and expertise. Read MIFF article: Guess who pays for Hamas rockets. Hamas does not have to worry about the rocket expenses – the bill is paid.

Sinwar threatened that Hamas will “burn everything” if the problems in Gaza are not resolved.

Iran’s extended arm in Lebanon is the terrorist organization Hezbollah, during his speech yesterday, the leader of terrorist organization, Hassan Nasrallah himself Gazas Friends were “surprised” over Hamas’ rocket attacks against Israel’s capital Jerusalem. Nasrallah emphasized that Sinwar and Hamas was in “continuous contact” with Hezbollah during the conflict and that there was a “high degree of coordination” between the two terrorist groups.

Read more about Hezbollah here. Read more about Iran here.

sinwar added that Hamas is “convinced” that terrorist groups in other countries would endorse the conflict if it was apart.

during the latest rocket round against Israel’s civilian population, several rockets were fired Towards North Israel from Lebanon, it is not known with security Who stood behind the rocket attacks.


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