• Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

The Israeli security service Shin Bet says they have uncovered a spy ring from Hamas operating in central Israel. Two Israeli nationals have allegedly given the terrorist group detailed information about security facilities in Israel and other intelligence information, writes the Times of Israel.

Shin Bet believes that Rami Amoudi (30) and Rajab Daka (34) were recruited by Hamas and were tasked with filming security installations in central Israel, including military bases, police stations and the Iron Dome missile defense.

Daka was also allegedly asked by Hamas to provide the exact coordinates of where rockets from the Gaza Strip landed, apparently to help the terrorist group improve the accuracy of the rockets.

Both Amoudi and Daka are originally from the Gaza Strip, but both had the opportunity to move to Israel through family reunification because they have Israeli mothers. Daka’s mother is Israeli-Arab from the city of Lod, while Amoudi has an Israeli-Jewish mother. The men were arrested on January 2 and charged on January 27.

Shin Bet has long opposed government policies that allow Gaza Strip residents to come to Israel and the West Bank through family reunification. According to the security service, there have been several cases where people in that program have been recruited by Hamas.

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