• Tue. May 17th, 2022

After two rocket attacks last night against southern Israel (Ashkelon), the IDF again hit Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip last night (the terrorist group has control of the enclave), the newspaper Jerusalem Post writes.

One rocket landed in an open area while the other rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome rocket defense system.


The IDF has hit underground infrastructure and an arms factory.

– The IDF takes all terrorist activity targeting Israeli territory very seriously and is prepared and willing to act to the extent necessary against attempts to harm Israeli citizens and sovereignty. The terrorist group Hamas bears responsibility for what is happening inside and outside the Gaza Strip, and will bear the consequences of terrorist acts directed at Israeli citizens, the IDF spokesman said Thursday night.

This is the third time in a week that Israel has been attacked by rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip.

After the rocket attacks last night, Defense Minister Benny Gantz during his stopover on his way back from meetings in Washington held a security consultation with security officials and Knesset member Michael Biton, who is in charge of the country’s security when Gantz is abroad.

Ahmed Al-Mudallal, a senior member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist group, said shortly after the rocket attack: – the Palestinian resistance is capable of and ready for any confrontation or escalation. The IDF’s response to the rocket attack will be met with more rocket attacks, according to Palestinian media.

On Friday, a rocket was fired at southern Israel and landed in an open area without causing human or property damage. Another rocket was fired at southern Israel on Tuesday, after the IDF announced that it had uncovered a Hamas attack tunnel that ran into Israel. Read MIFF’s article about the attack tunnel here.

According to Israeli Channel 12 (N-12), Hamas has, according to reports from Gaza, arrested the terrorist cell that attacked Israel with rockets on Friday.

The IDF did not react after the rocket attack on Friday, but carried out an air strike against an underground Hamas facility in the Gaza Strip following the rocket attacks on Israel on Wednesday.

Since Israel withdrew completely from the Gaza Strip in 2005 and the terrorist group Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007, thousands of rockets have been fired at southern Israel. The attacks are often not mentioned in the Danish media. Read MIFF’s articles on the rocket attacks on Israel here.

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