• Mon. May 16th, 2022

– Israel behind cyber attack on Iranian port


Israel has carried out a sophisticated cyber attack on an Iranian port facility, which is said to have caused great chaos, writes the Washington Post. The attack is apparently revenge for Iran’s attempts to attack Israel’s water infrastructure.

On May 9, the busy port of Shahid Rajaee experienced an abrupt and inexplicable stop in operations. The newspaper, which quotes foreign and American officials, writes that it was probably Israel that was behind the cyber attack.

The computers that regulate the fleet of vessels, trucks and goods all broke down at the same time, it led to very long queues into the port both on land and at sea. Satellite images from the port taken several days later showed that there were still very long queues and ships waiting to have their goods loaded and unloaded.

Iran later acknowledged that an unknown foreign hacker had managed to disconnect the port’s computers for a short period of time, but would not acknowledge the major problems it had caused. The port that was subjected to the cyber attack was recently constructed near the Iranian city of Bandar Abbas on the Strait of Hormuz.

There has been no official Israeli comment on the cyber attack.

The Iranian cyber attack on Israel’s water supply infrastructure took place in late April. The attack was stopped and led to only minor damage, but attacking civilian infrastructure is seen as crossing a red line.

– It was an attack that violates all the rules of war. Even from the Iranians, we did not expect anything like that, says an anonymous Israeli source.

The Washington Post writes that the Israelis were allegedly appalled by the Iranian attacks. That must also be the reason for the retaliation against the Iranian port.

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