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The Palestinian textbooks that were used in the 2019-2020 school year were much more extreme than before. Violence, martyrdom and jihad is a recurring theme throughout all twelve years in Palestinian primary schools, wrote Infinitum News on October 10, 2019 – read MIFF’s article HERE. We also translated 44 examples into Norwegian and Danish which documented it – read more HERE.

Norway tried to withhold aid to PA – cash flow from Denmark continued …
Despite Norway withholding aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) – read more HERE Norwegian and tried with «constructive dialogue», the Palestinian textbooks for the school year 2020-2021 did not get much better – read more HERE in Norwegian.
– See how Palestinian authorities spit in the face of the Folketing and the government, wrote Infinitum News 24 September 2020 – read more HERE. The changes in the problematic content were minimal, and became in part for the worse – read more HERE.

A larger proportion of Palestinian children attend schools run by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNRWA). The UN schools use the curriculum literature of the Palestinian Authority (PA), but it has been argued in the debate that the UN schools adapt their teaching and remove the most problematic content in the school materials.

It turns out that is not the case – it was reported on 13 January. As Infinitum News wrote the same day, Norwegian and Danish UNRWA assistance is helping to finance school materials such as

  • provides training in hatred
  • incites violence
  • promotes jihad and martyrdom
  • Promises terrorists to be role models
  • encourages children to «defend the motherland with blood»
  • refers to Israel as «The enemy» and «the Zionist occupation»
  • shows briefly where Israel has been annihilated
  • Condemns Israeli-Palestinian trade

The analyzed UNRWA school material does NOT contain any material that promotes peace or peace work. In some cases, the UNRWA material is even more radical than PA textbooks.

Denmark increased aid to UNRWA in 2020
According to UNRWA’s figures, Norway provided DKK 250 million. kroner, while Denmark gave 73 mill. kroner in support in 2019 – see UNRWA’s overview HERE and 235 mill. kroner in 2020 – see UNRWA’s overview HERE. It should be noted that while Norway chose to reduce its aid to UNRWA in 2020, Denmark’s then Minister for Development Aid Rasmus Prehn chose to increase Danish aid to UNRWA from DKK 73 million. kroner in 2019 to 106 mill. kroner in 2020 – read MIFF’s article about it HERE.

In total, IMPACT-se has analyzed 122 booklets published by UNRWA. They estimate that a total of 150-200 booklets are in use at present. UNRWA uses the booklets as a supplement to PA’s school curriculum.

During the live broadcast on January 22, we showed concrete examples from the report and showed an interview with Arik Agassi, who is a researcher at IMPACT-se (starting from 14.50). Here you can hear, among other things, how UNRWA reacted to the revelation :

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