• Tue. May 17th, 2022

Two armed Palestinians were arrested today by IDF troops after invading Israel from the Gaza Strip. It writes the newspaper Jerusalem Post.

The two men threw a grenade at IDF troops who arrived at the scene after the suspects had crossed the border fence from the Gaza Strip which is controlled by the terrorist group Hamas. The grenade was inactive and did not explode.


The IDF troops opened fire and arrested the two suspects, armed with a knife, tools to cut up the border fence and another inactive grenade. No one was injured in the incident.

The suspects were questioned on the spot before being arrested.

The infiltration took place only hours after another Palestinian infiltrated Israel – he was also arrested by IDF troops. He was unarmed. According to the IDF, the recent increasing number of infiltrations into Israel from Gaza is causing concern.

In early September, IDF troops averted a possible terrorist attack after an armed Palestinian infiltrated southern Israel near Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha, near the northern Gaza city of Khan Younis. Read MIFF’s article about the incident here.

Due to the pressure caused by the Corona crisis, tensions in southern Israel increased during the summer with hundreds of fires caused by explosive balloons with explosives sent into Israel from Gaza. The IDF retaliated with airstrikes to stop the terrorist attacks on Israeli cities. Read MIFF’s articles on the explosive balloon attacks on Israel here.

A ceasefire was agreed between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas with the help of Qatar. Qatar promised to increase their monthly aid by several million. dollars to Gaza and launch several infrastructure projects in Gaza. Qatar also promised to provide assistance to thousands of Palestinian families, reopening all border crossings with Israel and expanding the fishing zone. Read MIFF’s article on the ceasefire here.

In addition, an increase in the fuel supply to the power plant in the Gaza Strip was also agreed to solve the electricity crisis. Sources close to Hamas claim that Israel has promised to facilitate the introduction of medical supplies and medicines to the Gaza Strip in connection with the increase in the number of Corona infected. Read MIFF’s article on Palestinian dual communication here.

Both in Israel and in Gaza there are new Corona outbreaks, so far they have managed to keep the infection in Gaza down to a few infected. Now reports say there are 2,911 infected and 21 dead. Read MIFF’s article on the consequences of the Palestinian Authority refusing to cooperate with Israel here. Read MIFF’s article on the Palestinians’ baseless Corona accusations against Israel here. Read MIFF’s articles on how Israel is helping Gaza with Corona here.

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