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Well probably takes place here starting point in Norway’s state TV Channel NRK, but it could just as well have been dr.

Thus, NRK’s ​​Middle East corresponded correspondent Yama Wolasmal explained the background of recent days in the day reputation 10. Mai: “The background for the clashes We have seen in recent days is Israel’s illegal settlement policy, which goes out The fact that they often throw Palestinians out of home as they have lived in generations to pave the way for Jewish settlers who can take over the properties. The UN says it is a clear breach of international law, and says it borders a war crime, while Israel says that Jerusalem is our indivisible capital and we build where we want. “

In a NRK internet case, researcher Marte Heian-Engdal says the following to Wolasmal: “The riots in Jerusalem must be seen in conjunction with a systematic marginalization of the Palestinians in East Jerusalem.”

But what does the statistics say?

The percentage population growth among the Arabs (Palestinians) in Jerusalem has been higher than the percentage population growth among Israeli Jews since the 1970s – read here. (With the exception of 1990 where a large number of Jewish immigrants came from the former Soviet Union). The share Jews in the population has fallen from almost 72 percent in 1980 to about 60 percent today.

Both Jews and Muslims are allowed to move in Jerusalem. In 2019, there were 17,460 Arabs who changed home in Jerusalem, about 33 percent of all those who moved internally in the municipality were Arabs, according to the overview of the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research.

In 1990 there were 23,600 Arab households in Jerusalem. Until 2019, the number increased by 188 percent, to 68,000. During the same period, the number of Jewish households only increased by 64 percent, from 101,200 households to 166,000 households, shows the Figures Frajusalem Institute for Policy Research. The facts hardly get from NRK and NTB in Norway or Dr in Denmark.


The current case such as the Palestinians in recent weeks, as a pretext for violence in Jerusalem is an owner in Sheik Jarrah neighborhood. Some few Palestinian families have for years refused to pay rentals for properties as the Israeli legal system has found out of a Israeli organization. Now, Israel’s Supreme Court has put the draft assortment on hold, nevertheless continues Palestinian violence.

Israeli settlements are not a breach of international law
The Israeli settlements are not a breach of international law – read here and here and do not become a breach of international law even if an UN institution should claim it.

Wolasmal and NRK have not yet mentioned What has put the reason for violence in the past week: The terror comes after an intensive and concentrated adjacent for violence and terror from the Palestinian Self Governors, which Denmark annually supports many million kroner – read here. For example, in the days before Ramadan, from 2 to 10 April, Passport official television station sent at least 20 times a song as an impact on terror. Nor does Palestinian school books contain violent opportunities for terrorism, violence and hate. So late as last month, school books were condemned by the EU Parliament – Read here.

Nor does not mention that Palestinian self-government authorities provide death sentence or prison on life with hard forced labor to Arabs who sell their property to Israeli Jews – read here.

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