• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

23,741 soldiers have died in the defense of Israel


Today is Memorial Day for the fallen soldiers of Israel
(Yom Ha’Zikaron). According to figures published by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, 23,741 Israeli soldiers have lost their lives in the defense of Israel, writes the Times of Israel.

Since Memorial Day was marked last year, 96 new names have been added to the list of those who have died for their country. 56 of the dead were soldiers, while 40 were veterans who died of complications after the injuries they received in the service.

Figures include those who were killed in combat, in terrorist acts or as a result of illness, accidents or suicide while serving in the armed forces.

In addition, 3146 Israeli civilians have been killed in terrorism since the creation of Israel. The day of remembrance for the fallen is marked from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Memorial at the military cemetery, Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. (Photo: IDF)

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