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The chairman of the PLO, Mahmoud Abbas, recently admitted that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is behind all Arab terror in Israel. However, his admission did not make headlines anywhere – except in the Israeli and Jewish press:

“We have been paying salaries to the families of the martyrs, the prisoners and the wounded since 1965. This is because they were killed, imprisoned or wounded for national interest and for national interest and not for personal reasons. It is ours. duty to take care of their family, ”Abbas said.

His spokesman, Nabil Abu Rudeina, added: “Israel must understand this. It is impossible to send a soldier to war and then not take care of his family. We are talking about someone acting on our behalf and receiving orders from us. “

Killing Jews because they are Jews is accepted
Every Israeli child, teenager, man and woman killed in a terrorist attack was killed because Abbas and his henchmen believed they had to die to be Jews in the land of Israel. It does not seem to bother anyone and the EU does not love Abbas less for that reason: he is still their favorite terrorist. It seems that the killing of Jews because they are Jews is still accepted in Europe.

The EU continues to play a key role in PA’s economy
In fact, the EU has promised to continue to play a key role in funding PA terrorists. Abbas, who is trying to create a humanitarian crisis, recently announced that he would halve the salaries of PA public servants in “protest” against Israel’s decision to detain and freeze funds used by the PA to pay Arab terrorists and their families, monthly scholarships as a reward for committing terrorism.

If only the EU were just as effective in solving the world’s real humanitarian problems, but it seems the EU is more concerned about Arab terrorists who want to murder Jews.

EU on Palestinian payments to prisoners and martyrs
“We do not support the system of Palestinian payments to” prisoners and martyrs “, said EU Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn d. April 30, but it’s obviously not true, they actually make it possible.

Israel’s response to Abbas’s concession is crucial
The EU and the rest of the world’s response – or lack thereof – is one thing. In fact, the most important thing is what the official Israeli response to the concession will be and should be.

It is unlikely that there will be a major Israeli reaction. Since Abbas is the terrorist responsible for the PA, Israel will not ‘endanger’ their security cooperation with the PA over a concession that does not surprise the Israeli government. The Israeli government is aware of the crucial role the PA plays in sending terrorists and training them from an early age in hating Jewish Israelis and seeing them as legitimate terrorist targets.

PA teaches to hate Jews
In addition to the financial rewards, PA teaches Arab children from kindergarten onwards that killing Jews is an honorable act. Education is continuously strengthened by public places and schools being named after terrorists – thus promoting terrorists as important role models to look out for.

PA is Israel’s enemy
Israel should consider how to respond to the concession. The concession reveals PA as it is and always has been – namely an illegal terrorist company. The terrorism coming from the PA continues on a regular basis. No matter what agreement is made with them, peace cannot be made with them.

The recent concession shows the Israeli government with all the clarity they could ever wish for – the PA should be treated as an enemy to be defeated for the purpose of creating lasting peace.

Defeat does not necessarily mean only a military defeat: Stopping the oxygen supply to the regime – as Israel symbolically does by withholding a small percentage of the PA’s total revenue so that the funds are not used to pay terrorist scholarships – can also be used to bring a regime to its knees. It would promote the much-needed victory that would make it possible to start talking about a framework for peace.

It is certain that the status quo, in which the PA raises an entire population on a diet of hatred and terrorism, is a sure recipe for future war. At some point – now or later, Israel will have to deal with this fact.

Article was published on 13 May on en.mida.org.il. The article can be read here in English. Article translated from English by Rika Greenberg.

MIFF has written several articles on the Palestinian Authority and how they promote terrorism against Israel – you can read the articles her .

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