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News from Israel 59 60 (April 1 – 29, 2019)

Democracy and Diversity

  • Netanyahu has a majority in the Knesset (59)
  • U.S. Senators support recognition of Golan (59)
  • Muslim woman in IDF responds to threats (59)
  • Israel fights forest fire in Ethiopia (59)
  • Doctor Salman Zarka honored on Independence Day (59)
  • BDS resolution rejected at University of Maryland (60)

Anti-Semitic satire

  • New York Times satire was anti-Semitic (60)
  • Editor-in-Chief was responsible for the drawing (60)
  • Israeli cartoonist Shay Charka responds with new satire (60)
  • The New York Times publishes a new drawing (60)

The Battle for Palestine

  • Hamas radio broadcasts to Arabs in Israel (59)
  • Hamas has spied on Autonomy (59)
  • Palestinian state no longer has 1st priority for Arab countries (59)
  • Easter / Pesach miracle prevents Hamas attack (59)

Violence against Jews

  • Woman killed as she saves Rabbi’s life (60)
  • Rabbi and wife attacked in Nairobi (60)

Earthly remnants of heroes come home

  • Master spy Eli Cohen can return home (59)
  • 2 Syrians were released when Baumel returned home (60)

World War II Reflections

  • Professor asked about Cyclone-B (60)
  • SS guard was involved in 5,230 murders (59)
  • First customs in the ghetto since the Holocaust (59)

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