• Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

15.6% of Italians do not believe the Holocaust has happened


More than 15 percent of Italians do not believe the Holocaust has happened, a new survey shows. What is perhaps even more alarming is that in 2004 only 2.7 percent had that opinion, writes the Jerusalem Post.

The counts prove that our warnings about what is happening in the country are correct, says Ruth Dureghello, leader of the Jewish community in Rome.

Since 1989, the Eurispes Research Institute in Rome has asked the Italian people a number of general topics, as well as current issues. In 2020, respondents were asked a number of questions about Jews and anti-Semitism.

More than one in six answered that they did not believe that the Holocaust had happened. That’s more than five times as many as when the institute asked the same question in 2004.

– The fact that more and more people are denying the Holocaust shows that there is an urgent need for a deep reflection in our society – we can start with our cultural institutions and the state of our society – especially among young people, says Dureghello.

According to Eurispes, Holocaust denial is greatest among center-left voters (23.5%) and supporters of the populist Five Star Movement (18.8%). About a third of those who identify as center-right or right-wing voters say in the survey that they believe Jews control the economy, financial institutions and the news.

61 percent say they believe anti-Semitism is a real problem in Italy.


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