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Elan Carr: Necessary with Armed Guards at Synagogues and Jewish Centers

“No matter what ideological wrapping it has, hatred of Jews is still hatred of Jews, and we must fight that,” Elan Carr told the Jerusalem Post.

US Special Envoy for the Supervision and Fighting of Anti-Semitism, Elan Carr, was interviewed in front of an audience at the ‘Global Coalition 4 Israel’ conference in Jerusalem on Wednesday, June 19, 2019, by Editor-in-Chief Yaakov Katz of the Jerusalem Post.

Here he struck
among other things to sound for the placement of armed guards at each
synagogue, Jewish school, and Jewish center throughout the United States.

Elan Carr was appointed to the post of special envoy by US President Donald Trump earlier this year after the post has been vacant since the president took office in 2017. Carr told the assembly at the conference that the president is determined to fight anti-Semitism in both the United States and the rest of the world.

According to Elan Carr
the anti-Semitic threat in the United States and in the rest of the world comes from both
a racist right wing and an anti-Semitic left wing, and both
poses a danger.

“We must make it a common struggle. Every decent human being – Jew and non-Jew – must make a common front. No matter what ideological wrapping it has, hatred of Jews is still hatred of Jews, and we will fight it. “It must be our common message to the outside world,” said Elan Carr, who called the BDS movement unequivocally anti-Semitic and one of the most worrying trends in the United States. Not least, BDS has gained traction among students at the country’s universities.

MIFF has written several articles on ‘Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions’ (BDS), which you can read here.

“There is one
perfect and unadorned anti-Semitic tendency directed at Jewish and
pro-Israel students, and what is particularly worrying is that
is on the rise, ”said Elan Carr.

Anti-Semitism in Europe
Around the rising anti-Semitism in Europe, Carr said he is in contact with several governments and European officials in the area.

He considers it
as a victory that the German Bundestag voted to declare BDS
anti-Semitic and that the Polish Parliament failed to pass a law
which would otherwise mean that the country would not provide compensation for
mistakes made in wartime.

But Elan Carr was
not only optimistic about the problems that plague many today
countries in Europe.

they their story? Let the war criminals resurrect to give them
tribute? These are discussions I have had and I have clearly said that
that is unacceptable. I’m hopeful and think we can turn around
that kind of thing for the better in these countries, ”Carr said.

In the interview
he also told of the most disturbing meeting he had had,
since taking office in February. It was with a British
Member of Parliament who had chosen to leave Labor because of
anti-Semitic views in the party.

told that the anti-Semitic phenomenon she experienced in England,
had its origins around universities, ”according to Carr.
“And we did nothing because it was just students. So
found it fit in Labor and we did nothing because it only
was out on the far left. Today they have won and we have
lost and I no longer have a political party, ”Elan Carr recalls

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