• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Gives 40 million Swedish kroner to protect the Jews in Malmö

Two philanthropists have donated 40 million Swedish kroner to protect the Jews in the Swedish city of Malmö. Lennart Blecher, who is Jewish, and Dan Olofsson, who is not, decided to donate the money to “create some hope among the Jewish people”.

-Even if the politicians do nothing, they must feel that there are people who are willing to stand up for them, Olofsson tells the magazine Dagens Nyheter.

The donation comes at the same time as the Swedish government is preparing an international conference in Malmö on the fight against anti-Semitism. It is also planned that a Holocaust museum will open in the Swedish city.

Malmö is a city where a third of the inhabitants come from Muslim countries, the city has a Jewish population of several hundred. Every year, they are exposed to dozens of anti-Semitic incidents.

During this year’s May 1 march in the city, supporters of the Social Democrats shouted that they should “crush Zionism”. Malmö’s former mayor led the procession. The incident led to condemnation from the Jewish community in the city. Prime Minister Stefan Lofven also condemned what happened on 1 May.

Commentator Sofia Nerbrand believes that it is wrong for private individuals to pay for the safety of Jews in Malmö. She believes that it should be the responsibility of the public.

“It is unreasonable for members of the Jewish community to finance their security in order to protect themselves from attack. It is a fundamental task for the state and the municipality,” she writes in the newspaper.

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