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-Israel is designated with nauseating frequency, said Lord Baron Stuart Polak, president of the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) in a speech to the House of Lords (British Parliament) on January 7, writes Israel Hayom.

-I have no problem with legitimate criticism of Israel, but that occupation of Israel must stop. The emphasis on the Jewish state is wrong, unjustified and plays a crucial role in an increase in anti-Semitism, said Lord Baron Stuart Polak.

-Whether it is in Monsey [New York] in the United States or just down the road in South Hampstead – it arises as we have seen in the Labor Party when the leadership fails, Polak added.

Lord Polak also raised the issue of Palestinian Authority (PA) terror practices with “pay to slay” (read MIFF’s articles on PA pay for terror convicts with Israeli lives on conscience here). Lord Polak stressed that the British government is committed to ensuring that British taxpayers’ money goes to those who need it – not to rewarding terrorists convicted of heinous crimes or their families. As Infinitum News has previously written, Danish taxpayers are also helping to finance terrorism against Israelis – read MIFF’s articles on the subject here.

-In 2018, PA paid out over 260 million British pounds [$ 338 million], which is equivalent to approx. 7% of the PA’s annual budget – for the wages of murderers, said Lord Polak

Lord Polak referred to the fact that the Netherlands stopped giving direct support to the PA in November because of their terror reward policy.

-We must pay our share but not when our help is used to pay for murder. We must find a method by which our assistance serves the recipients who need our support in Palestinian society and at the same time serves the interests of the British taxpayer, Lord Polak said.

According to Israel Hayom, the issue of PA pay for terrorism has been on the agenda for some time, yet Lord Polak told the Jewish News Syndicate that with a new British Parliament it is time to raise the issue again and set the agenda.

-My speech was a signal that it has priority in the pro-Israel environment, Lord Polak explained.

Lord Polak congratulated the government on the new law that makes it illegal for municipal councils to implement boycott decisions against Israel.

-The government’s promise of legislation against BDS was the first step and shows where the new government stands in relation to such problems, Lord Polak told the Jewish news Syndicate.

Lord Polak also expressed his dissatisfaction with the UN for being occupied by Israel. Read MIFF’s articles on the subject here.

-There was a resolution against North Korea, one against Syria, one against Iran and two against Russia. There were no resolutions against China, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. But there were no less than 18 against Israel. That is completely unacceptable and, in addition, the UK is voting too often on the resolutions, Lord Polak said. Read MIFF’s article on the resolutions here.

Polak also criticized the resolution adopted against Israel by the UN General Assembly on December 13 regarding: “Israeli practice affecting the human rights of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.” Lord Polak added: “Suffice it for me to say that the resolution completely ignored terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians in Israel, as the UN called: ‘tensions and violence.’

The UN also ignored the deadly rocket and missile attacks by Palestinians against Israeli cities over the years and sought to remove Israel’s right to self-defense by classifying any defensive measure as “a violation of international law,” Lord Polak added.

Furthermore, the UN only referred to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem with its Arabic name, Haram al-Sharif. What did we do? We voted in favor of the resolution, while our allies and friends in Canada, Australia and the United States had the courage to vote against it. ”

Polak ended by asking Britain to be” very careful “in the future before voting against Israel and the UN.

MIFF encourages Denmark to adopt the same care. The new government in Denmark with Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (Social Democrats) has unfortunately chosen a turning point in its Israeli policy – read MIFF’s article on the subject here.

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