• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Burned Israeli flag – sentenced to 3 years in prison


A court in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf has sentenced a man to three years in prison for staging a riot in which he burned an Israeli flag. The man appealed the verdict, but was rejected, writes Times of Israel.

It was in May 2019 that the man organized a pro-Palestinian demonstration with ten others. The demonstration was allegedly not legal. A street was closed, a fire started and an Israeli flag was burned.

Among other things, the man was convicted of organizing an illegal rally and uprising.

On social media, several Bahraini people have reacted to what they believe is too harsh a punishment. They accuse the government of the country of wanting to add Israel. Bahrain has reportedly in recent years sought to forge closer ties with Israel.

Today, Israel has only diplomatic relations with two Arab countries, Jordan and Egypt, but several Gulf countries, such as Bahrain, have opened up a closer relationship with Israel. They see the country as an ally in the fight against a common enemy – Iran.

In December, Jerusalem’s former Sephardic chief rabbis, Shlomo Amar, visited Bahrain and met the king of the country, as well as religious leaders from across the Middle East and other countries. In October 2019, an official delegation from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs attended a security conference in the Gulf country.

A clear sign that relations between Israel and the Arab countries are changing.

In June 2019, an economic workshop was held in Bahrain’s capital, Manama, in connection with the Trump administration’s peace plan. Several Arab countries attended the conference, despite protests from the Palestinians.

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