• Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

Houthi regime in Yemen indoctrinates millions of children to Jihad and Jew Had


Yemens Ansar Allah organization, better known as the Houthi movement, is responsible for the education of a large part of Yemens 29 million inhabitants.A new report from Impact-Sevises that school thermal in Yemen is colored by Iran’s anti-western, anti -American and anti-Israeli Agenda. Houthis School Sensum contains extreme anti-Semitism, and also anti-Christian and anti-Sunni message, writes Impact-see.

The examples in the report show that Houthien’s school tensile:

  • manufactures the United States as “the great Satan”, an enemy of all Arabs and Muslims. The American flag is produced as a symbol of repression, which children must defend themselves against.
  • use Houthi sluts “Allah is the largest – death of America – death over Israel – damn be the Jews – Sejder for Islam» In mathematics tasks.
  • claims that Islamic State (ISIS) was created by the United States.
  • Performs children to direct or indirect participation in violent jihad against the US aggressor is any Yemenits Civilian duty. Those who promote peaceful conflict resolution are produced as sweeping idiotic and treacherous.
  • glorifies death in battle against Islam’s enemies.
  • manufactures Jews like Islam’s and Yemens people’s enemy. Jews are “those who Allah offered us to be enemies”.

See the entire report and examples here (54 pages)

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