• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

The Israeli TV series “Fauda” became an international success when it hit Netflix in 2016. Recently, the streaming service released the third season of the series and it has become very popular with an unexpected audience. The Israeli series is the most watched series in the Arab world right now, Algemeiner writes.

The series is about an Israeli undercover device in the security service Shin Bet. The series is the most-watched Netflix series in Lebanon, the third-most-watched in the United Arab Emirates and the sixth-most-watched in Jordan.

In the third season, where parts of the action take place in Gaza, most of the dialogue takes place in Arabic. Series creator Avi Issacharoff believes this is one of the reasons why the series has become so popular with Arab Netflix viewers.

-I think one of the reasons is the language, in that Fauda has switched to Arabic, in addition to us telling the story from both sides, not just the Israelis, says Issacharoff who is also a journalist in the Times of Israel.

Record numbers are watching TV these days due to the Corona crisis, which has forced hundreds of millions of people to stay at home.

-Of course, Corona also plays a role. People are sitting at home and have nothing to do. Then you look at most things, even if it means watching an Israeli series.

Countries such as Lebanon have had boycotts of Israeli products for decades. It is also forbidden for Lebanese to have contact with Israelis. Yet it has not prevented the Israeli series from becoming very popular. Lior Raz, co-creator of the series and starring as Doron, says that the series’ success in the Arab world is “very, very exciting.”

-We are very happy that we have managed to reach the Arab public , with whom we usually have no contact, he says.

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